A Homebuying Saga with a Mystery Realtor

In the summer of 2003, Chris Watson, aspiring home buyer and longtime writer for the Santa Cruz Sentinel, chronicled her foray into the real estate experience. She shared the joy and the heartbreak, the frustration and the fears that accompanied both her inner and outer emotional journey through the labrynth of a heretofore arcane process - all in search of a simple abode and the simple comfort of being able to say... "There's No Place Like Home." Her sage guide and companion throughout her adventure was a mysterious local Realtor whose name wasn't revealed until the end of her 12 part series in the Sentinel's Sunday Real Estate section.

Travel along with Chris and relive her saga through the links provided below and see if you can guess who the mystery Realtor might be... and remember Toto... endings are not always what you expect them to be. We're in Santa Cruz... 'We're not in Kansas anymore!'

June 15, 2003  Chris Watson: House Hunting (week 1)  Santa Cruz Sentinel

June 22, 2003  Chris Watson: House Hunting (week 2)  Santa Cruz Sentinel

June 29, 2003  Chris Watson: House Hunting (week 3)  Santa Cruz Sentinel

July 6, 2003  Chris Watson: House Hunting (week 4)  Santa Cruz Sentinel

July 13, 2003  Chris Watson: House Hunting (week 5)  Santa Cruz Sentinel

July 20, 2003  Chris Watson: House Hunting (week 6)  Santa Cruz Sentinel

July 27, 2003  Chris Watson: Home Hunting (week 7)  Santa Cruz Sentinel

August 3, 2003  Chris Watson: Taking The Bait (week 8)  Santa Cruz Sentinel

August 10, 2003  Chris Watson: Stress Redux (week 9)  Santa Cruz Sentinel

August 17, 2003  Watson: Time for a New Townhome? (week 10)  Santa Cruz Sentinel

August 24, 2003  Chris Watson: House Hunting (week 11)  Santa Cruz Sentinel

August 31, 2003  Chris Watson: House Hunting (week 12)  Santa Cruz Sentinel